Quality Assurance

We are an RAA approved repairer, we are regularly audited to ensure high standards in equipment and qualifications are maintained, giving you peace of mind that your car is in good hands. We are MTA Green Stamp Accreditation for Mechanical workshop – environmentally accredited. We are an approved Cm3 - Contractor Safety Management & Compliance.

We ensure that all our operations are managed in an environmentally responsible manner. We use PPG with a Compact Paint System to match virtually any topcoat technology currently being used in automotive manufacturing facilities – B1:B2™ and 3C1B, in water versions. PPG’s commitment to sustainability led us to the current solutions in compact processes and will continue to encourage innovation.

Our award-winning Compact Paint Systems allow customers to reduce VOC emissions, reduce energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions, lower initial capital and operating costs by eliminating the need for a standalone primer and associated processing. They also reduce the paint shops overall footprint and increases the facilities throughput.

Guaranteed Quality

We provide a warranty on the repairs we complete on your vehicle for as long as you own the vehicle.

Our office and workshop are fully fitted out with the latest equipment to ensure that the quality of our service is at the highest level, delivered in the most cost effective manner to our customers.

All employees are highly trained and competent to perform their duties. Our employees are actively involved in and committed to the provision of outstanding service and quality for all customers.

Customer Service

Premier Panel Services prides itself on quality customer service. We believe in an open door attitude to handling any queries our valued customers may have. We endeavor to address concerns as soon as possible to achieve customer satisfaction in the shortest possible time.